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Bass tips/Rico web site

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Have you ever checked out the Rico website? Lawrie Bloom has some interesting tips of interest to bass clarinet players. There's lots of sax stuff too.
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Looks good! Thanks for the tip. I'll read them later.
In case you want to hear more of his playing, he has a solo CD which I think is available is a few places (I bought it from Walter Grabner).
I sent to many of my sax friends because it was so what I have been saying for so long.
If you look at the other lessons, some of them are kind of silly. There's one with Jerry Bergonzi about reed selection. "I've always been a Rico player, and now I play Rico Jazz Select, sometimes LaVoz." What a valuable lesson! :roll:
There's a bunch of good stuff in there amongst Bergonzi trying to sell people on the Humidipacks. (There's much more useful info in the Lawrie Bloom videos than the Bergonzi and Catalano ones, imo)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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