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Bass spotting - the Disney World sax quartet

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I finally got to hear the Magic Kingdom sax quartet (a.k.a. Main Street Saxophone Quartet a.k.a. Fantasyland Sax Quartet) in person. :thumbrig:

One of the things that is innovative is that they almost always use a bass sax not a baritone. On popular-type music this presumably gives a much better bass line than bari, at the cost of a sore back and considerably more cost for the instrument. But then again, it must be practically the only bass sax in the world that is actually paying its way in terms of producing playing fees on a regular basis. Am I right in guessing that except for the occasional use in studios or shows or one-off concerts, that there probably isn't another bass sax in the world that comes close to paying its way with regular, paying gigs?

I'll comment on the quartet as a whole over on the "Saxophone Solos and Ensembles" thread. Let it suffice to say, I found it well worth the effort to track them down and hear them.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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