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Barrington Soprano

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I've been looking at the possibility of buying a soprano but am relatively low on cash. Barrington Sopranos sell for $300 USD on WWBW and I've heard good things about them, but I'd like to get some opinions from people on this forum. Do you think it's junk or a great deal?
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kage: I just entered BARRINGTON in the search feature and came up with several threads. Maybe your question has already been answered. DAVE
Barringtons are the cheaper student models of LA Sax. And even LA Sax sopranos don't have the best reputation. It's hard to make a good straight soprano at any price. A consistantly good cheap soprano is a rare thing to find.

For your price range, I would recommend a $499 Kessler brand horn from Kessler Music. You can actually call Dave Kessler and talk to him about it. The extra $199 will get you a much better horn than the average Barrington. If you can spend twice that, you can get an Antigua Winds soprano that will hold it's own with the best expensive horns. Kessler sales both. Here's the link:
Ah yes Dave you are right. Sorry and thank you.
Thanks Enviroguy
kage: Take a look at the soprano thread about cheap curved sops. DAVE
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