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bought my 82 Z alto used last year after having bought
a new 82Z tenor previously and falling in love. I had some initial intonation problems i hadn't had with my 62. Yamaha USA eventually swapped out my G-1 for a new 62 original neck and it cured the intonation problems but lost some of its sound. it was still better than my 62, but not a lot.the intonation was now exactly like my 62, and most horns out there, middle d sharp 20 cents and middle c# flat 20 cents.

recently ordered a Barone neck on clearance from phil. first thing I noticed was the sound was opened back up and very sweet. slightly darker than stock 62 or G-1. when i checked it with a tuner i was floored. straight up and down most notes were dead on or less than 3 cents off.( A2, B2, B3)
Now here is what floored me. MIDDLE D WAS LESS THAN 5 CENTS SHARP !!!! never played a horn that was that in tune. middle c# was less than 10 cents flat and the side c key brings it perfectly in pitch with no effort on my part.

I highly recommend his necks for the Z alto, if you are having any intonation problems or if you just want a darker but still powerful sound.
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