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Earlier this year I purchased the above piece directly from Phil after hearing good things about it on SOTW.

I have played Lakey pieces for nearly 30 years and I've been pretty happy with my tone but I'm into gear reappraisal and since I had a couple of very nice horns from Phil and a really good level of customer support I thought I'd give the Hollywood a try.

The mouhpiece as delivered was pretty good but not the knockout I was expecting. When Phil heard that I wasn't thrilled he offered to take the piece back and tweak it for free. My specific feeling was that there was more resistance than I like.

I got it today and I've played it up and down my Barone Classic tenor and it's a beauty! I describe it as darkish with edge. Folks on the other end will still recognise my personal tone but will certainly notice that I can play with a more power.

I'm yet to gig on it but I'm playing a 2 day festival the weekend after next so I'll have a better idea then. I'm eager to play it under battle conditions.

I realise that some of you suffer from praise fatigue when it comes to Phil Barone, but what can I say? He has quality products and fine personal service. When he hadn't heard from me (I was on holiday in Queensland for a month) he followed up to make sure I was happy.
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