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Bari Raptor?

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Does any one know any specifics about this mouthpiece?
Other than...."plays with minimum effort in al registers at loud and soft volumes....and projects..." :)

It says it was designed by Gary Sears
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So....I found one for sale pretty cheap.
It is heavy and thick.
I can say as plays easy in all registers loud and soft.

It can get very bright. It sounds ‘wide’ if that makes any sense.
I haven’t put a pad on it yet. The texture feels a little rough on my teeth without one.
It’s a fun mouthpiece
I am going to do some recording with this today.
I tried to use it on a session a few days ago that was a mello sectional was bright and loud. switched back to Otto Tone Edge.
Tracks I ma working on today are punchy funk. Should be great for that

Are there theories about mouthpiece weight?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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