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Bari Mouthpiece Suggestions

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Hi all

I'm looking for a new mouthpiece and possibly ligature for my bari and i'm after a few suggestions. I don't know much about openings and material differences so any help would be much appreciated.

I bought a new mouthpiece for my tenor about 6 months ago and it made a huge difference, I just fell lucky on my decision (a Selmer S80 E with B&G standard lig with a medium La Vaz reed). Bari mounthpieces are a little expensive to hope I've bought the correct one.

At the moment I am using the standard plastic mouthpiece which came with the sax (a hanson SB8), a leather B&G ligature (which is coming to pieces) and a medium/hard La Voz reed.

I am after something which is louder and brighter than what I'm using now. I play in a single reed ensemble and we play anything from modern jazz to classical and Disney music, so it has to cope with everything.

I have a budget of about £250(ish) for everything (mouthpiece and lig).

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Links are really good. They produce a big fat sound. They don't projest as much as other mouthpieces though. Material doesn't make any difference in the mouthpiece, only feel to the player really. It is how the mouthpiece is designed on the inside. How long have been playing also?
I've only been playing for about 18 months so i'm still quite new to playing. I've just taken my Grade 4 exam so I'm learning quite quickly, I couldn't even read music 2 years ago! I've had the bari for about 6 months and a tenor from the beginning.

Yanagisawa are well made and worth considering; a 5 opening would be about right for your level of experience. I have no great experience of Links, but a lot of posters here point to their inconsistency.
I too dislike the links inconsistency, yet I feel they're okay mouthpieces. I think you should go with a Runyon Custom spoiler in about a 7 facing. I bet you'd like it if you like the s80 =]
Rousseau makes a nice Bari mouthpiece in the JDX series. It a "Jazz" designed mouthpiece but you should deff check it out. You can do the piece and a BG lig for around what you wanna spend.
The Runyon is a good choice, though I'd suggest a longer facing. Maybe a 9 or 10.
If you are looking for a classical mouthpiece, I'd recommend the Selmer S90 as a good choice, especially since you like your tenor mouthpiece. The Selmer S80 is also fine -I just think the S90 is a bit warmer sounding.

I have tried the Vandoren Optimum in S,A, and T, but not baritone. If the baritone is as good, that should also make a good classical mouthpiece.

A hard rubber Link in a conservative facing (maybe 5* or 6) should be able to live in "both worlds".
Berg Larsen Hardrubber at about a 100 - 115 opening would also be another place to start. My experience with these pieces has been very good. They work great with the LaVoz and Rico line of reeds. These are well worth the time and trouble of testing. I urge you to check them out. I have been playing a Berg 130 for over 7 years now and would not switch for anything. I get a great sound and control out of mine.

Try them. You may like them.

Oh and a great ligature is the Winslow. If you can get a hold of one, you will never let it go. They are fantastic.
A strange Berg story....

During my first 2 years of college (music ed major) I played Bari in the wind ensemble. Knowing nothing about equipment I bought a Berg HR 85/1/m and played it with a Bari Assoc medium plastic reed, and it actually worked pretty well. Not that I would recommend it...

However, I purchased a Yani B901 recently, and the HR 5 that came with it is an excellent piece for both wind ensemble and traditional big band
Find a store that stocks a lot of mouthpieces and try everything. That's the only way to find what's right for you. See if it's possible for your teacher to come with you to help you out.
I would agree with the Link suggestion since I've always been partial to them on baritone, but lots of people aren't.
Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

I wanted to take my sax to a shop and try some out but unfortunately the nearest one I can find which stock a variety of baritone mouthpieces is about 140 miles away. I think I may have to just make a day of choosing a mouthpiece!

Hi everyone, just thought i'd update you all on my choice.

I managed to find a shop within 50miles which had about 30 new/secondhand bari mouthpieces for sale. I nipped over earlier and had a couple of hours testing nearly all of them.

I eventually choose an old metal Otto Link 6* Super Tone Master. From putting it on I found it very easy to play and the sound is amazing. I can even play into the altissimo range, which I couldn't on the stock one. Not that you want to play that high on a bari!

The only down side to the day was the guy who ran the store didn't like my sax and for some reason hated Hason saxophones, even though he had never played one. I can't figure out how someone can dismiss a saxophone or maker without even playing or hearing it properly.

Thanks for all the help and advice.

vaughanb said:
Not that you want to play that high on a bari!
Go tell that to Hamiet Buiett. ;)

Congrats on finding a mouthpiece, though.
I've been playing RPC bari pieces for close to 10 years. I go back and forth between a Vandoren Optimum and a Francois Louis ligature. Both work great.

Since starting to play the RPC I have tried mouthpieces by Berg Larsen, Guardala, Lawton, Otto Link, Jody Jazz, Runyun and more. I still play an RPC on bari.
Metal Berg. Thats the only way to go. Maybe a Lawton.

Care to share your thoughts on the Lawtons?
I think the lawtons is one good option to you.

The models 5* at 7 to large chamber no more easy want, but is fine.

Lamberson and RPC is other very goods pieces.

Of course if you want one guardala traditional piece (I have one) is fantastic piece.

Bari Sax Mouthpieces

I have had great success using a white acetal Lamberson F major seventh with a BG tradition ligature. The mouthpiece is free blowing and gives a huge sound that cuts but is definitely not edgy. Has anyone tried the real expensive Nick Brignola mouthpiece. I think it is made by Sugal. Also, anyone try the solid silver Gloger neck for Bari? I'm looking for some feedback on different Bari necks. I have a silver Selmer Paris Series II Bari. Peace.:) :) :?
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