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^ Useful notes, to me.

Also worth adding, re Yanagisawa in general, but my own experience is mainly sop, alto, tenor: 901 necks and 991 necks are generally interchangeable, but have very different tonal/response characteristics and slightly different intonational patterns. If you have a 991 and have never tried a 901 neck on your horn, or vice-versa, it's worth experimenting with if either (a) you find your 991 pitch center more locked in than you like, or (b) you find your 901 lacking in "sparkly ring." I'm using the alto necks as the model for my comments here.

To me, the 901 necks have a more VI-ish quality, except with more raw power and thickness. The 991 is more ringing. I prefer the 901's pitch center, personally, to the 991's, as I like more flexibility than most 991 necks inherently have.

Necks influence results on bari much less than on sop/alto/tenor, so this is more for the other Yana pitchings.
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