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Bari Harness/slings?

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I own a music store on the midwest prairie. We have a female customer that plays bari occasionally in a local big band. She is looking for a strap replacement that is more supportive than the usual straps available. We carry the Blue Note sling, Blue Note harness, and Neotech harness - she tried them all and didn't like any. The harnesses are made for men (if you know what I mean :wink: ), and the sling just wouldn't pull the bari up high enough. Any ideas?
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BG Harness

I had a similar problem (though i am not a woman), that is, not getting the bari high enough. I bought the NeoTech harness for my Low A Bari and found it did not give freedom of movement and it was not possible to raise it high enough so that i was not always looking at the floor while playing. I happened to try out the BG Harness XL-For Men, model S43SH (see this link), and found it easily adjustable so that i could look straight ahead, while distributing the weight and giving much greater freedom of movement. I bought the harness at my local shop (Windsmith in San Diego). They have different sizes available.

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