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Hi, I played alto since 2008. Yamaha 62 with Meyer 5. Great horn, sounds rich, love it. Then I got Selmer series III last year for a great price and it comes with Selmer C mouthpiece. Sounds great, rich. I like it when playing solo.

Yet, when I jam band with my friends, I want to make the Selmer sound more open/rock and loud. I can do it with alto yet the key range are too high. so must use soprano. with what I have now, it sounds weird, blurry and flat. That's why I'm planning to invest a mouthpiece that will allow me to play rock music once awhile. want to get something match the sound with my alto but I know I shouldn't. because every instrument has its unique sound.

have been reading article in forum and lots of people mention Yamaha 4C/5C. nice and cheap. will definitely test it out. On top, I was looking at mouthpiece description and are looking at Bari Gold / Otto Metal.

I went in to music store and tried Jody Jazz, but my Selmer C sounds better. will need more time to travel all different stores inorder to test play them.

Want some idea on which brand/ model to go for before I waste my time running over town.

I'm planning to get Bari hard rubber 60 for more rich deep tone compare selmer C as well.

Please give advise~
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