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Bari Dakota Alto Piece

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Anyone have a clue where I can find a BARI brand alto mouthpiece called DAKOTA? It's hard rubber but I can't find it listed anywhere..I know it exists though because I recently played one and loved it!!

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I'm a jackarse....:) I found it as well... Google is a great thing! ****surei shima****a!
It's a great piece I recommend it by the way...#6...

Anselmo--Hi! I think the V16 mouthpieces are really really good pieces especially on alto...The Bari DKOTA piece was also REALLY good...I was SO surprised...I played a 6 at Ishimori's in Tokyo...THe piece is Bari's version of a new york has a smaller chamber and for me it played with the warmth and feel of a meyer...the V16s have a bit of a differnt feel and sound than a meyer...I'm about 2 seconds from buying one...the best part is they are quite cheap...around 65$ at Weiners...the 6 played REALLy well and had a great facing...I really liked the may like the 7 a tad more...if you get one let me know!
I was skeptical because BARI products can be hit or miss depending...the Sop mouthpiece, as everyone knows, are legendary--EVERYONE plays one on sop...the alto pieces I rarely see and tenor and bari pieces NEVER EVER EVER seen anyone playing...the metal tenor pieces are really poor pieces...BUT this DKOTA alto piece blew me away! I liked it a lot! I‘m 1 second away from getting one...
Not more bright..maybe equal to or slightly --every so slightly darker than a V16--closer to a meyer than the V16--BARI doesn:t have tips on their website and I:ve not bothered to email them yet...I suspect a 6 is around .78 or so and the 7 to be around .82 but this is pure speculation...
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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