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Bari Dakota Alto Piece

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Anyone have a clue where I can find a BARI brand alto mouthpiece called DAKOTA? It's hard rubber but I can't find it listed anywhere..I know it exists though because I recently played one and loved it!!

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mpc Vs mpc

Hi Ryan,

How do you do?

Would you mind to describe or compare the sound of the Dkota?

Do you know what exactly (the opening) 4, 5 ,6, 7 or 8 are?

I have played on Meyer 6m, Vandoren A45, Vandoren Java A45, Jody Jazz DV 8, Morgan 7M, Lakey 5*3 and finally as my actual piece a Vandoren V16 A9S.

I was looking for a loud piece with a big sound with body, with projection and brightness, but not to much (I do not like the edgy sounds). For my taste the V16 has been the very best (IMHO) and the louder piece.

Ryan, As I know you have experience with V16, could you compare it with the Dkota?

Thank so much and kind regards,
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Thanks Ryan

More brightness than the V16?
Do you know the openings in inches (0.70, 0.75.......)?

Thanks again, and a pleasure as everytime,

Thanks Ryan.
I have sent them a mail.

Maybe somebody interested in

Hi guys,

I have sent an email to Bari asking for the real openings.
Here is the answer:

4 = .072
5 = .077
6 = .082
7 = .087

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1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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