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BARI brand reeds for soprano

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Hi Folks,

Does anyone use synthetic BARI reeds on soprano?

Any comments about the possible combo BARI reed - BARI HR mpc?

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I like BARIs on alto and tenor (on occasion) but have never had good luck with them on soprano in terms of matching up both strength and intonation.

The BARI mouthpieces are decent (especially when tweaked) and their blanks are common with a number of other mouthpieces out there that get other names put on them. The beak profile of the BARI mouthpieces is not very tall, so I think they do better for more focused quick play than for someone looking for a dark/classical approach. I don't find they facilitate jaw vibrato on soprano as well as other pieces.
A few years ago, I tried BARI plastic reeds on my sopranos. When my embouchure was fresh, they had a wonderful, full sound - lot's of power. About 20 minutes into a set, my chops were DONE! All of my BARI reeds are in my reed box now. DAVE

Thanks Ez & Dave!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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