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Bambu ligature

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what is it precisely that you are looking for in a woven ligature and why would you want to use this as opposed to a different arrangement.

Clarinet players use them mostly for traditional reasons but there is no evidence that a woven ligature would play any better that a metal or leather one unless you go by the rule " why do things the simple way if you can do them the difficult way"

they are ok, but are a pain in the *** to tighten up
There has been a very long standing and going discussion over the role of ligatures. Frankly speaking I only ever notice the ligature when there is something wrong with it .

Soft ligatures like this or the leather ( rovner like) without a pressure plate MAY influence the sound by actually dampening ( because they cannot be tightened as rigidly) the vibration ( if you keep them loose) but frankly if that is what you are looking for (I don't) there are easier ways to obtain that with a thicker tip choice.

as for the effect of different ligatures... ( including one made by a shoelace)

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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