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what is it precisely that you are looking for in a woven ligature and why would you want to use this as opposed to a different arrangement.

Clarinet players use them mostly for traditional reasons but there is no evidence that a woven ligature would play any better that a metal or leather one unless you go by the rule " why do things the simple way if you can do them the difficult way"

they are ok, but are a pain in the *** to tighten up
There has been a very long standing and going discussion over the role of ligatures. Frankly speaking I only ever notice the ligature when there is something wrong with it .

Soft ligatures like this or the leather ( rovner like) without a pressure plate MAY influence the sound by actually dampening ( because they cannot be tightened as rigidly) the vibration ( if you keep them loose) but frankly if that is what you are looking for (I don't) there are easier ways to obtain that with a thicker tip choice.

as for the effect of different ligatures... ( including one made by a shoelace)


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Yes, I use one for my soprano and it is my favorite ligature. The only drawback is that it is difficult to move my mouthpiece without having to reset the ligature. It allows my reeds to vibrate better than my other ligatures and holds my reeds very evenly. As with mouthpieces, ligatures have little effect on my recorded sound, but they have a big effect on the sound I hear while I'm playing.

At one point, I was invited to endorse a similar ligature that retails for big bucks. I could not do it, because for me the Bambu plays better than those ligatures. I asked Bambu if they'd like me to endorse their products, but they declined because of my lack of fame. Ha! However, I'm still willing to endorse them for free. For $30, they outplay all of my $50 to $200 ligatures.
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