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Hey everyone,
I recently went to my local sax shop to buy an alto saxophone body swab and the cashier gave me a bam SW-0009 sax swab. Then I get home and just as I'm about to use it, it looks different to other sax swabs I've used; it was diamond shaped, and the rope didn't attach to the middle of the cloth, making it ineffective I would say. So I do a quick search on the internet and on the bam website, they have two different alto swabs, an SW-0009 and an SW-0013. Then I realised that I could've gotten a neck swab (it doesn't state in the product info whether it is for neck or body:Rant:). So, I went back to the shop to exchange the product, but the cashier says that it is a body swab, but I'm not convinced, it's either the swab is for the neck, or it is just poorly designed. So, I just want to know the difference between the two models, SW-0009 and SW-0013. The SW-0013 looks more like the body swab I'm used to, but I'm not sure.

P.S: Here are the links
SW-0009 -
SW-0013 -

The SW-009 also works for the bass clarinet according to the page, and if I'm not mistaken, the bass clarinet and alto saxophone body has a very different shape (conical vs cylinder). But the necks are pretty much the same, so this also makes me think its a neck swab.
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