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Ballad part 2, plus free garden tour!! (gardening tips also welcome)

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Hey, it is a bit like a bus, you wait for days, and then two come along together....

I have been working on some of your tips from yesterday, i.e cleaner bottom end (ooh err misses), rounder upper notes plus softer attack, and this is what I ended up with:

I am improvising over a standard ("I thought about you", but I dont play any of the melody, so I have renamed it) I was going to learn the head, but I recorded the improv as a test first, and liked it, so it stays, sorry.

I guess you lot are bored of my ugly face and somewhat statue-like "stage" presence, so you also get a free tour of our little cottage garden during the clip. It has taken a battering from the rain here, so it is not at its best.

The cottage dates from 1773, but there was probably not much of a garden then, all fields and farmyard. I play sax in the stable attached to the cottage by a little corridor, all virtually sound proof! I am a lucky chap.

Let me know what you think of the garden, oh and the playing if you want ;)

For those that care about these things, I am on a yamaha 62, with Jody Jazz HR5 and rico royals 2.5

Garden wise, I use a hozelock wall-mount hosereel with multi-position spray attachment (stamped New York Limited Edition) for watering. It took me ages to decide, but this hose is a keeper, I just need help with the lawn-sprinkler now, metal or plastic?? :D
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What can I say... it's lovely, very enjoyable. And the garden's not bad too.
Thanks Rick, although I just did a youtube search of "I thought about you" so I could learn the head, and found a clip of Stan Getz doing it properly.

I now feel like using my alto as a doorstop....., or even a hose attachment. Although a soprano would work better as a sprinkler come to think of it..
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