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Baker street

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Im just trying to learn baker street, i want to play like it is in the song, with all the same effects and stuff. any tips? ive been haveing trouble getting it to sound like the peice too, i think my sax needs to be taken to the shop too.
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Raphael Ravenscroft has played for artists ranging from Marvin Gaye to Pink Floyd. "Baker Street" is his most well known saxophone solo. In 1979, Ravenscroft recorded a solo album, Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway. He has also performed with Chris Rea, Ian Gomm, Alvin Lee, Robert Plant, ABBA, Kim Carnes, Red Rider, Mike Oldfield, Roger Waters, Willie & The Poor Boys, and Phil Collins' Brand X, in addition to two more LPs with Gerry Rafferty. In 1990, Ravenscroft also published a successful instruction book, The Complete Saxophone Player.

Legend tells us that the solo on Baker Street apparently happened by accident. The part was originally written for guitar and Raphael was booked to play just a short introduction on soprano saxophone. When the guitarist did not show, Raphael said he had an alto sax in the boot of his car and why not try it with him playing the solo. Ravenscroft played the part not really expecting it to become the standout track from the album which made him famous.
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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