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Hi there!

I'm looking for a review for a European case called simply "bags" you can find it here:

I was wondering if someone ever owned one etc.
They have an affordable tenor/soprano double case that I'm interested in.

Any info would be great!

Shauli Einav
Do you mean BAGS OF SPAIN, i got the tenor case.I could not see the bag case on the link you sent.

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Shauli, I like Bags cases. I had an alto case and I've got a French horn case. The guy who turned me on to Bags cases is an Italian repair guy who loved them and to demonstrate, took his clarinet case and dropped it at shoulder-height onto the ground.

I think they look stylish, they are relatively compact and yet with a reasonable amount of storage space. I would say that as far as protectiveness, it's about the same as ProTec.

The one thing I don't like about them are the clasps on the straps. When I try to carry the cases back-pack style, the lower plastic clasps dig into my lower back and are really uncomfortable. I suppose this can be overcome by putting something in between the case and my back but I usually don't carry my cases as back backs anyway so it doesn't matter.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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