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Hello! I have a Selmer Aristocrat (Ts600) that is... giving me curious troubles. I do not know if it is because I am a bad player, or if it is the horn!

Whenever I play with the neck in a certain (the most comfortable for me) position, I have to fight to get any range of note out. The note squawks and quacks or is just very unsteady. Playing loud and hard fixes this but makes it difficult to play quietly. Not to mention that it just seems extremely touchy. Also, in this position, the first three keys (the ones that produced A, B, and G) go down when I press the Octave key down and stick when actively playing.

When I bring my sax neck all the way to the left, however, I can play with relatively no trouble. It's just very uncomfortable to play in this position. Are these symptoms of a bad horn or do I just need to work harder? Sliding it so far to the left also makes the neck very loose.

Also, the metal that slots the neck into the body has a dent in it. Could that be contributing? Thank you for your time.
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