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yes, they were one of the cheaper models of B&S after they started making the 2000 and Medusa, Chicago series.

In essence they had the body tubes and mechanics of the older series (like the blue label).

This is very nice (in black) but for that price you may buy something with a bit more cachet.

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Thanks for the info. I almost bought one here in Switzerland last winter. It was priced lower, but I finally let it be, not knowing what it was worth, and fighting GAS anyway. Furthermore, soprano is very low on my priority list these days.

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Interesting horn. I've never seen the series 1000 soprano before.

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As a B&S player I have never seen these before, WOW! Do you ever see gold lacquer models?

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thanks! it was the first time I spotted series 1000
I'm playing blue label soprano. I was curious how much different it is.
yeah, but it is too pricey.
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