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Does anyone think the horn being discussed in this thread may actually be a very rare B&S stencil??

My theory-

The Made in Germany stamping and serial number on this "SML" look very much like those on my B&S horns. A reference at saxpics has a quote:

"SML Strasser-Marigaux is an European musical instruments distributor member of the German group JA-Musik. Under the SML holding, we [have] two French instrument factories: Marigaux (Oboes) in Normandy and Antoine-Courtois (Brass) in Amboise."

B&S horns were stenciled as Courtois for some time, I cannot help but wonder if they were stenciled as SMLs for a very brief period as well? Too bad the auction pics aren't a little better, it almost looks as if there is more engraving under the SML logo. ..

If it is so, what model?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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