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You had a lovely sound to start the head and really liked the hits on the chords! What a great comparison. Seemed to be fighting you on that berg though. I love your falls, very well executed!. I must say your sound on the link is back to home for me - pure and full! Screaming up into the altissimo too! Awesome chorus exchanges between the two! All around a fantastic take, thanks so much for sharing

Well now - don't want to get the two songs confused! The Mingus song is fantastic and all, but I was hoping to keep this to the song by Bobby Timmons and played by the Jazz Messengers. With that said, Cuber on this version from Mingus Big Band is EPIC, one of the all time greatest solos. Also Pepper Adams on the original was spectacular.

The vocal take you shared is fantastic though :D

Starts off with such a sweet subtle sound! You really captured the emotion, can feel the energy building up and subside and repeat as you play the melody. And then you just let it build and build throughout that solo until after 2 minutes where you just start RIPPING into it! I don't think I've grooved along so hard to a take on this song and this one always gets me grooving. Major props! Thanks so much as always Alex. I'll have this playing all month and try to hope for 10% of that amazingness to come across in my final take!
You are very kind Jared. Thank you for listening it’s much appreciated. Looking forward to hearing your takes on this and Triste (further I should say) Cheers 🍻
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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