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Autumn Is Here, So Here's Some Autumn Leaves!

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Having some fun playing Jazz Standards lately. Trying to improve my ability to read changes. Any advice or comments are welcome!
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Establishing a melodic theme and variations, while just listening to the changes, so your horn doesn't get in the way of you creating music, is something I was taught when studying bass guitar.
Once you have something pretty in your mind you just have to find it on your horn.
When a professor of guitar/music at a major university said... white men can't play jazz... I asked what was their problem. He stated that they just play lotsa notes. My reply was... guess that's what you'll be teaching this year.
His uncle lead the Tonight Show Band in NYC long ago.
I don't have super chops but try to tell a musical story from the first note.
On piccolo it's often a Horror story. :D

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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