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Austin Custom Brass

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I'm vocal when I receive poor customer service. I'm also vocal when I receive good customer service. When I receive excellent customer service, I share it on the internet. While shopping for an Adams A9 trumpet I discovered Austin Custom Brass. ( Emailed them and Josh responded the same day. We exchanged numerous emails and all my questions and concerns were answered and addressed. Professionally and promptly. Purchased the horn on Monday and it arrived on Thursday. It was so well packed that Dorothy's house dropping on it would have no effect. Trent Austin emailed a YouTube video playing my horn while prepping it for shipping. He welcomed me to the Adams family. (I always felt I would be welcome in the Addams Family) This purchase was the most seamless transaction I've ever experienced. Most business relationships end with a sale. I feel a relationship with ACB begins with the sale. Highly recommend checking them out. I have no affiliation other than being a happy customer.


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Trent is one stand up guy, knows his stuff too!
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