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Saxplayer67 said:
Hey, what can I say? I'm a better musician than I am a housekeeper! I'll get my fiance to clean! :D Photo cropped, before I get any more smart alec comments! ;)
Wow, Photoshop (or whatever you cropped this with) is a great grout cleaner! Would you mind "cropping" my house?

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On tenor (although I hardly ever play it :(), the STM 6* for brightness but the Tone Edge 5* for more control!

On alto, I used to love the depth and body of sound on my STM but it is only a #5, too close for me these days :(. Now the Meyer 6M - an old greenish one I got for cheap - is a good all rounder for jazz, 'pop' and concert band. The Dukoff D7, I'm still getting to grips with, might be off to Ed Pillinger soon!

On soprano, the Yamaha 4C is very bright and the Berg Larsen S5S (and it looks like an older one - worth money?) is strangely quite dark and 'dead' sounding for a high baffle piece??!!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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