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I just learned, via a marketing email from Legere, that Arno Bornkamp is now using Legere reeds on all four saxophones. I think the company has been a little tardy in adding him to its official roster of artists, but he's there now. Bornkamp actually appears to have been using Legeres (Signature 3.5) since at least 2016.

Synthetic reeds, Legere Sigs especially, have been making inroads for years now with prominent classical clarinetists. Top-tier classical saxophonists seem to have been, as a group, slightly slower to sign on with synths, but Arno is obviously a huge catch.

This is completely irrelevant to the reed topic, but here's a goofy anecdote from Bornkamp's interview:
Last April I went to the US to do a masterclass at Bloomington (Indiana university), where Otis Murphy is teaching. He is very good friend of mine: he and his wife Haruko have a lovely famliy with 6 kids. Actually I went on this trip without purchasing the right type of visa for (shhhht: it’s a secret) and hoped to get through the customs without problems. Well: I arrived in the U.S. And when I was getting at the customs-box-office, the officer asked me for the purpose of my travel. I said: “I ‘m going to visit my friend Otis Murphy in Bloomington”. Then he replied: “but I see, that you are staying in a hotel. Why you don’t stay at his place, if he is such a good friend?” I replied: “well, you know, he has 6 kids…..”. Then the officer said: “Aha, I understand! You are all set”. And I could continue my way.
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