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Army Jazz Ambassadors on tour

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The Army Jazz Ambassadors, the premiere jazz band in the military, are on the road from October 13 through November 16. The band will be going through WV, PA, OH, IN, IL, WI, MN, MI. Itinerary and ticket info (all shows are free but most are ticketed) can be found at our website.

Also, audition info regarding upcoming sax opening can also be found there.

If you're a SOTW person and show up at a concert, come on up and say hi to me, I'm on second alto.
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cann0nba11 said:
I always get everyone confused in those bands. I went to school with Mike Buckley (lead bone) and played a few big band gigs with Andrew Layton. Is he playing alto or tenor? Andy has a sweet alto tone. Tell him Paul from The Collection Big Band says hi.
Mike Buckley plays third bone. And Andrew plays lead alto. He's the best I've ever played under.
jazzbluescat said:
Wish y'all were coming to eastern NC. *disappointment*
We'll be through the Carolinas next spring and will probably play in Greenville, NC, hopefully at ECU.
Al Stevens said:
Harumph. Not everyone would agree with that assessment. :D
Probably not. And each of the bands think they are the best. All the bands have some big guns. But I am totally confident that we have the most swinging rhythm section. And we rehearse and perform together more than the Note or Commodores and way more than the Blues. And I think our band has gone past playing together so much that we have that awful description of being "tight". Instead it has gotten us to the point where we are really loose. In the best way.

Now, everyone I know in the other bands is probably going to come to my house and kick my butt.
playitfunky said:
If it was out of line I apologize. It's just it seems like people drink and smoke too much when they play. I doubt with the discipline that comes with being in the military any of that nonsense is going on.
Not out of line at all. Look at how many great and not so great musicians have pissed their talent away with drugs and booze. And that stereotype hurts us all.
1 - 5 of 31 Posts
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