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i've been playing for around a year right now and over this time i have realised how important key signatures are, i have already learnt the concept of chord changes and inversions, but what used to get me was how to improvise say if the key was in G major/E minor

then i started to realise the possibilitys from this key, so i've set myself a project, which (like the title) is pretty much arming myself for improvisation

For all Major keys i will learn these scales

Major pentatonic
Bebop scale
Harmonic Major
Lydian augmented
6th mode of Harmonic minor
Blues scale

And for all Minor keys

Minor Pentatonic
Bebop Scale
Melodonic minor
Bebop Minor
Harmonic Minor
Natural minor/Aeolian

I plan to spend a Day on each key to ensure i really do learn this stuff, if there are any scales can u tell me the Formula of them

thanks alot

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i mean i would spend a each day of learning scales in each key, and keep on going in that cycle, i split my practice up

5 mins of long tones (i know it should be longer)
10 minutes of warming up
30 mins of different song playing
20 minutes of chord changes,
40 minutes of learning scales in a single key

agreed whole tone scales are very important
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