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aristocrat neck on MArk VI alto

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HAs anyone had success with this combination? I was cleaning out my VI neck and comparing how some different pieces played on my VI compared to the Aristocrat I have, and tried the Buescher neck for kicks; turned out to fit almost perfect in the socket. I was actually blown away, the Buescher neck outplays the selmer neck I think--at least its more even and much more free blowing, might lose a bit of the core but it is much more fun to play. It feels like you can get more out of it--the VI neck has a limit to it. I might just use the Buescher neck for a bit and see how that works...
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Wow, Ving, I never thought anyone else would do this, but I had the same experience trying my 140 neck on my VI. The Buescher has always been more free-blowing than the VI, which I *really* like ("Resistance is futile!"), but of course the VI's ergos are superior to the 140's.

On my particular version of this Frankensax experiment, the 140 neck pretty much did away with the "core" to the VI's sound, which was the main thing I liked about the VI!

I ended up popping the 140 neck back onto the 140, as Mother Nature intended, and the VI has stayed, sulking, in its case....
So would a tenor Mark VI's neck fit on a tenor Aristocrat serie one?
Hey Kelly, maybe its a Minnesota thing...!

Yes, I totally agree--I love playing my 156 tenor and recently began playing my 140 alto on some gigs. It is much more free blowing than my VI, when I used my selmer on a gig yesterday it just seemed dead. The ergonomics of my tenor are actually quite good, and I have gotten used to that and can get around pretty well. The alto is still a bit squirrelly for me, and the thumb rest is killing me. I have to get that adjusted... But the selmer/buescher neck combo was cool, I have yet to try it on a gig but it sure seems like I can get more of everything with the Buescher neck, and it is way more comfortable to me. Or at least it was today, I may think something entirely different tomorrow....
I also tried my tenor VI neck with my Buescher and the other way around, and they aren't even close. But the altos work both ways...
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