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Aristocrat 1 Tenor (270-290k)...Lower stack octave jumping? Split tones?

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Attention Aristocrat Series 1 tenor players!

Have you had persistent octave jumping or split tones on C# through F in the first register?

What was the cause?
What was your solution?

Just talking with a fellow player of this model...he says he has it too, and so has a friend of his who plays one!

I always suspected buzzing side keys, or perhaps something off with the key bridge on F#. Haven't taken it to a tech but the other fellow has been to several - no leaks detected!

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I have one of these horns and no, absolutely no tendency to jump the octave on those (or any) notes. So, unless my horn is an anomaly (which I highly doubt), this is not a characteristic of this model. However, it's highly characteristic of ANY horn with leaks. I'd take it to a good tech.

Not sure what's with the other fellow's horn. Maybe those techs he's taken it to missed something.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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