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Are these sorts of scratches on the table normal?

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I recently purchased a Drake Classic Bebop mouthpiece as I search for an alto (I'm a tenor player) as it was specifically recommended to me and it really appealed to me.
It has these scratches and that mark and I don't think it affects playability, but I'm not 100% sure since I'm not really experienced yet on alto.
Is this normal? Should I exchange it?
Thank you!
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Thanks for the info. I purchased it from Sweetwater. The bubbles didn't surprise me as I saw them in the images and on other Drake models. I'll be going around and trying altos soon so I might not have time for an exchange, but I might get in touch with them. Thanks!
About a week. I think the phone number they have for me might be outdated..
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Also I accidentally scuffed it on the back (not visible in photo) and would feel bad about returning it. I really like the piece, worst case I'll buy another eventually I suppose.
The scratches just add character, right?
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