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You pay what the market will bare. People will pay $110 for a Selmer, so thats what it costs. I doubt there is a lot more in the materials or manufacturing process and overhead costs than in the morgan.

But, if you play one and like it, then you have to decide if its worth $110 to you. We cant tell you what its worth to you, and thats all thats really important. In reality they are only $50-60 used anyway....

Would people pay more for the protone? maybe, who knows. They have a good reputation, but I suppose the expectation with a beginners piece is that people will eventually branch out into a piece that matches their own tonal concept as they get better, so there will not pay a price premium at that stage of their development. The S80 is an oddity as its a more advanced classical style piece thats often touted as a piece for beginners.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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