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This was very nice of you to post---thank you simon. (where do i send the check?) lol :)

no need to add to it...i really appreciate this.

Someone else put a similar ad up a couple weeks just a big thank you to all of you!!!

I've made loads of friends here and i'm glad over time that people realize i'm not looking to clobber anyone with prices---i just mostly deal with high end pieces, so most of my pieces are expensive to the average player.

Anyone who has dealt with me, knows they can go on ebay and look at some of my stuff listed under 10mfan, and make me an offer on anything!
My prices are certainly not set in stone, and are geared towards the collectors---who are the guys who buy most of my high end stuff.

The stuff thats not high end, i am always happy to discount nicely.

Seriously, i really appreciate you posting this.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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