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Appraisal of Bundy I Tenor

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I have a 1969 Bundy I Tenor with red logo, wire keyguards, and pearl thumb rest with teardrop octave key mech, serial number 47xxxx. Is this a stencil, or just a normal bundy tenor? What's it worth? I was thinking of selling it and adding $300-$500 cash to get a cheap 10m.

It has old but supple and sealing pads, and while I'm not sure if it's leak proof, I can play down to low Bb fairly easily compared to every other tenor and alto sax I've ever played. The only repairs it needs are a to replace a compressed neck cork I've built up with teflon tape, and to replace the side Bb cork and the cork under the low c key. It also has a tiny amount of a hiss when you play g with the octave key.

By the way, it looks like this:
(It's currently at school, but these pics are the same as what it looks like)

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Sorry to say, but I don't think that you can get much for it. However it might be a great playing horn!

I have played several of those and am currently playing an older Buescher stencil. All have great tone, good power, and excellent intonation.

Can you do something else to raise the money? You need to have a backup horn. Any 10M you buy will need some time in the shop before it's playable.
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