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Anyone using Ted Klum HR New London mpc?

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Can’t find much discussion on these current HR mpcs for BARITONE.
Anyone try or have one?
Anyone using on a 12M?

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I have one and is a great piece. Tip opening is .107. Leaning towards medium bright, focused and powerful. Could be tamed back for softer songs but playing like Hawk, Getz would be a stretch. Ted is a great craftsman & his mouthpieces tend to have certain blowing characteristic-balanced resistance that will let you shape your sound at will. I am using an Absolute alto ligature which fits perfectly. A Saxxas HR tenor ligature also works if you are using cane reeds but not when using synthetics.

Please note that I am a hobbyist but many professionals endorse his work and there are plenty of videos on youtube showing his products.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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