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Anyone use Rosegarden?

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I just figured out how to get free MIDI and sequencing through the Rosegarden project. Anyone else out there using Rosegarden and if so, got any good thoughts on comparisons to the big packages like Finale, Pro Tools, etc.?

I am getting started with it right now, and will take a while given the 60 minutes per week that I have to learn it.
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Nice to hear...

I am using it on Fedora 7 (even though 8 just came out). Thanks for the tip on the kernel. Not sure how much difference it will be from the low latency kernel I have now. Have you found that one low-latency kernel has benefits over another?
I pulled mine from the Planet CCRMA distribution. It is working fine for now, but I have not done a whole lot with it. I an newer to Linux so working with the Kernels is new to me as well.
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