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Anyone use Rosegarden?

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I just figured out how to get free MIDI and sequencing through the Rosegarden project. Anyone else out there using Rosegarden and if so, got any good thoughts on comparisons to the big packages like Finale, Pro Tools, etc.?

I am getting started with it right now, and will take a while given the 60 minutes per week that I have to learn it.
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I use Rosegarden since Linux is my main operating system at home.

I like using it for scoring music and printing it out.
It's WYSIWYG and a bit better than note edit.

I also starting playing with the digital audio recording capabilities in Rosegarden to replace Audacity.

If you feel uncomfortable making your own low latency kernel, try installing Ubuntu Studio from

I've been testing Ubuntu Studio on an older machine and it's pretty impressive.

My regular OS is openSuSE 10.2 and I've recompiled the kernel for low-latency not only for Rosegarden and Jack Audio but so I can play Enemy Territory:Quake Wars which prefers a low-latency kernel.
It's not about different low latency kernels,
it's about most distros configuring their stock kernels for a 250Hz tick (instead of the old 1000Hz) and other low latency options switched off.

Some distros offer a low-latency kernel that you can install and receive automatic updates.

openSuSE offers a few pre-compiled kernels but not a low-latency one (as of 10.2)

I download 10.3 but haven't tested it yet to see if there is a low-latency kernel yet.
Hopefully, enough people are asking for this and it is (or will be) included.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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