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I just got his Geometric Patterns book and have the "Synthetic Scales" and "Pentatonicism" books arriving on Saturday. I've looked through the Geometric book and I like the idea behind it, it's similar to how I used to take lines I was learning and methodically displace the original notes, but keep the shape, as a way of sending my ears and fingers into directions I may not have gone otherwise (this was on guitar, many decades ago). I really like how he has a graphical representation of each shape and variation, it works with the way my brain is wired.

I'm going to work from it a bit tomorrow in the shed after the fundies are covered.


Side note - some of the materials in his books looks like its covered in other books. e.g. we'll likely find a lot of the scale stuff from his Synthetic / Symmetrical scale books in Slonimsky's and Lateef's books, etc but I'm ok with that.
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