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Anyone play a Antigua Powerbell soprano?

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Wondering if there really is a bigger bell versus their 3000 series. I know there is a high G which I don't really care about and some extra engraving.
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I ended up bidding on a ss3286lq yesterday and got it for a little over 600. I think this was a great deal and should be all I'll ever need being a mediocre hobbyist. I was tempted to bid on the pro one but this is less than half the price and for me should be great. I'll report back when I get it. I've been playing the Eastar sop so I'm thinking this will be a big step up. The Eastar is a very solid build and looks great but I struggle to get the palm keys and the notes above middle G don't sound that great to me (could all be me who knows).
I took your lead and perused the same horn on Ebay and wouldn't you know it, Quinn had a great price. Got mine for $598 plus shipping.

I have an Ammoon(Slade), which might be at the level or beneath the Eastar you're upgrading from and I too am a Hobbyist. I explored this topic a few months ago and ended up with an early Weltklang soprano and I didn't like it at all. Apparently, the one I bought was manufactured just before B & S took over and made better horns.

This price point and the feedback in this thread has me excited about it. Antigua sops were recommended to me back then, but I found the German horn and threw caution to the wind. My cheap Ammoon can live in my locker at work and my new arrival can stay safely home. I hope it works out for me, but it's definitely an upgrade at a great price.
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