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I have a 20-year-old Selmer tray pack case (the "Mark VII" style case, not the old gray one with the zipper; I had one of those before my ex-wife bought me the new one 20 years ago). Well, it's finally given out, and I'd like to replace it. Of course, Selmer hasn't made one in about the same number of years. I saw a post on this site about one that was available, but haven't heard back from the person who was selling it (the last post on his thread was in May).
I know that there's a Pro Tec version, which was also discontinued, but still available in a couple of places. But I'd like to get the Selmer case, which really holds up. Since I teach lessons on a bunch of instruments, having a case that carries instruments in the key of C, Eb, and Bb makes it easy to bring just one case to lessons. (I actually play all of the saxes, clarinet, and flute, and consider myself very fortunate to own a Mark VI alto, tenor and bari).
If anyone knows of such a case, I want to buy it. The one I saw posted was in great condition, and the seller wanted $250 for it. I would buy it in an instant if I'd heard back from him.
Thanks so much!
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I have a Mark VI alto from the 70s that came with a tray-pack case, but I bounce around so much on various horns that I never use it and I'd be happy to see it go to someone who wants one. It's all black with the zipper, and has some loose trim (fixable with hot glue, I suspect), but is otherwise in great condition. If you're interested, hit me up by PM here, or email me (it's faster) at saxdiva -at- leannepowers -dot- com and I'll drag it out of the attic for a few photos. I have no idea what I should ask for it, but I'll try to figure out something fair... which could include a trade if you have anything cool. Just let me know.
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