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Anyone heard of the $5-bill rule on how much mpc to take?

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I had a teacher before who suggested that the ideal amount of mpc one should take can be determined by placing a $5-bill between the reed and the mpc. Where the bill stops is how much mpc one should take.

Anyone heard of this one? Does it apply to all mpcs?

Are there any other methods of there of determine how much mpc. to take?
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Yes, it's common. I've never heard it called the "$5-bill rule" though. I just used a piece of paper. Why use $5? Why not $20? $100?
Not in those words, but yes. that is the fulcrum point, you want your lower jaw to be the fulcrum and positioning it where the reed meets the table gives you the most vibrating reed surface.
See this link:

This method is quite useful in that the placement of the top teeth is determined by where the lower lip is placed on the reed and not the other way around. People with an overbite or underbite usually have trouble placing the top teeth the "traditional" distance from the tip of the mouthpiece. By positioning the lip in the spot that gives the maximum sound without sacrificing control and then letting that determine where the top teeth should go makes a lot of sense to me.

damn!! I discover I've been wheezing into the damned horn like an advanced emphysemic and it's 8:30 p.m. and my daughter has gone to bed so no testing tonight Josephine hehe.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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