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Anyone familiar with the Yahama Piccolos?

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What are the differences in the bodies of the 62, 81, and 82 pics? Also, are the metal and wood headjoints interchangeable?
General thoughts on the pro Yamaha piccolos?
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I've had a YPC-32 and a 62 and now have an 81 with both wooden and silver heads - the embouchure hole on the 81 and 82 headjoints are larger than the 32, 62 and 91 so take some getting used to. I prefer the silver head as it's more dense, but like all Yamaha piccolos, they're not the most comfortable for players with large hands. Hammigs have loads of room in the right hand with fingerplate extensions and the trill keys (especially the RH3 trill key) are better positioned - the YPC-91 has extended fingerplates for the RH fingers but the RH3 trill key is still positioned a bit close to RH2.

I cork padded my YPC-81 throughout as it feels much better under the fingers (more positive) and is completely airtight. I don't know if many makers cork pad their piccolos as standard, but it's always something that can be done at any point in time by an experienced tech.
The 62, 81, 82 and 91 headjoints are slightly longer than the 32 headjoint (around 2-3mm at the socket end) so be wary of that when trying them. It's a shame Yamaha don't make a plastic headjoint for the 32.

Just out of curiosity, are the Yamaha fifes the same bore as the 32 piccolos?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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