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Anyone ever see something like this? Assistance requested!

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Hello fellow saxers. Jump right to the 1st photo...

Today I was at my local Chicago Salvation Army store and lo and behold I found this whacked out Lyon & Healy tenor sax LAMP OMG! Lyon & Healy American Professional Chicago “Les” Kreiger model It seems to have a 4 digit serial # I can’t make out the first # it’s blocked by the lamp and case but it looks like it could be a “1” maybe a “7” but who knows at this point but 98% sure only 4 digits. It says low pitch and some very very fine script below that I can’t get close enough to read.

Many of you learned gentleladies and gentlemen know a ton from just looking at photos about vintage and unusual rare horns. I could look it up but first I thought it would be more fun to hear directly from you all if you care to comment. There are several photos of the horn for examination.

Can anyone tell me about this horn? Was it made by L&H in Chicago before the fire? or is it a stencil from the early 1900's? Is everything there? (I play clarinet recently trying out saxophones so not sure just looking at it).

I might try to refurb it myself if it's not a rare valuable horn but if this is a rare horn worth something then I would probably save up and have it done by Sax Alley or PM Woodwind.

So I hope you enjoy this maybe one of a kind sax lamp just for the fun of it and I look forward to getting some comments on what when how where and who.


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