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"Les" was probably the nickname of the Mr Kriegher who had his name engraved on it, rather than a 'model'. How tall is it from top to bottom? If more than 30" it's a Tenor, but if less than 30" it's a C-melody (which is even less desirable than if it's a Buescher Tenor stencil). Because even 'Buescher' TT's of the era are not rare or sought-after, this cheaper-made stencil (metal key touches instead of MOP) is even less so. But ok, let us know if it does actually play. Good score if it doesn't even need restoration!
Its Neck and Mouthpiece could have some dollar value if needed on a Neckless Buescher TT, but the cost of restoring this one would likely outweigh its value. Nice lamp! Cheers...
1 - 1 of 26 Posts