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Over the years I have been fairly active outdoors: hiking, rock climbing, biking, skiing, running up and down stairs, etc. As a result beginning at age 47 I began to suffer injuries to my knees while doing those things. In '90 I stretched a tendon in my left knee while skiing in heavy wet snow. Then in 94 while biking I started having pain and the result was having to have a meniscectomy of that knee to remove a torn piece of the meniscus and smooth out the rest. Of course I continued being active and the result was that about 10 years later I had to have the same operation on my other knee. Both these operations required PT afterwards, of course, to help me get back to walking normally and stop having pain. A short few years later I had pain again and the only treatment for it was the modern sports medicine palliative of PRP injections.

For those who have never heard of them, they're injections of your own Plasma that is extracted and concentrated via centrifuging so it is rich with growth platelets and injected into the injured area to stimulate the growth of cells. Whether this actually works on the cartilage and tissue of the meniscus and knee cap is questionable because those tissues presumably can't heal or regrow. However, it's about all there was so they sold me on it even though it ain't cheap. It goes for 250€ a shot and you need a series of 3 in each knee. All the soccer players and track stars get this stuff, but of course their teams pay the freight, whereas my dough came out of my own pocket.

Anyway, these seemed to work and my knee pains went away for a number of years. When they started coming back about 5 years ago I got a couple of knee braces from the Sports store and began wearing them. They helped a lot. Sadly the pain came back more recently and so I went to an Orthopedic doctor to have MRIs on both knees. Well, the results are not good as I have Grade 3 Chondromalacia and a Baker's cyst in one kneecap and Grade 4 in the other. If you know about the grading, that's all she wrote. After that you're just wearing away the ends of your bones.

Now logically I am a prime candidate for knee replacement surgery and in fact was just that back 3 years ago. I was on the waiting list to have one knee replaced to begin with but then in January I had that damn Heart Attack and Triple Bypass surgery so couldn't have any other surgery at that time. About a year later when I had recovered quite well from my Cardiac trauma, I asked about the knee surgery. Both of my Cardiologists told me that it was off the table because such surgeries are risky for heart patients due to the possibility of an embolism from the articulation and/or an infection such as Septicemia, both of which can be life threatening. The fact is that a neighbor of ours, a man in his mid 70's also a cardiac patient, had died from the infection incurred during his hip implant operation. So this put the kibosh on that option.

When I asked the doctor what I could do he told me that really there are only 3 options: prosthetic knee implants, PRP injections, or an injection of Hyaluronic Acid in each. Having had the PRP shots already there's no way I was gonna shell out 1500€ again for something so doubtful. The knee operations are, as I already mentioned, off the table due to my Cardiac condition, so that left only the hyaluronic acid injections and I took the bait and had one in the worse knee at the bargain price of 185€. However you only need one, so it's cheaper. From what I understand, this stuff is kind of like putting a shot of silicone lube or WD-40 in your knee to lessen the friction as the parts of the joint rub against each other and can aid in easing the rubbing and the pain. Well, by a month after getting it I had noticed Zilch change and so I bagged the idea of the shot in the other knee.

This clearly leaves SOL with no options except perhaps to walk less and be more sedentary to forestall the inevitable break down and need for a wheel chair or some such conveyance for a bit longer. Clearly it seems that that is where I am headed, sooner or later, and of course it's not what I had imagined my older years to be like....if I had even imagined them at all. The fact is I never have, and now I am starting to smell the coffee. Wow, I always wanted to be an old fart on wheels. I guess I had better buy some flashy chic Motorcycle gear to at least look a bit bling as I motor my way down the sidewalk at 5 miles an hour.

Anyway, I'm throwing this all out there in case someone else has had or has the same condition and can share their own experiences and methods of coping with this kind of a break down in mobility because hope springs eternal in the youthful mind that there is a secret magic cure that will make it all go away like a bad dream. :lol::lol::badgrin:
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