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Anyone bought instruction CDs from saxmusicplus?

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I saw a couple of interesting sounding instruction CD/book "kits" advertised on eBay and followed up the web link to and the products look interesting, a Blues Kit and a Jazz Phrasing Kit.

They come with backing tracks, practice loops and Audacity files for playing back in any key and at any tempo.

I'm tempted... has anyone tried them?
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So I'm guessing that's a big fat "no". If anyone would care to have a quick look at the link and let me know their opinion I'd be interested. They seem like an interesting concept...
Understood - just throwing it out there again to see what happens. I'll be content with a "no" of any size, sorry if it came across as petulant, it wasn't intended to be :)
Thanks Keith, eBay was where I first saw it and the feedback certainly seems good.
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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