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Anybody played one of the Jupiter Artist series sopranos?

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If so, your thoughts if you please. Thinking about a new sop soon, but not sure I want to/can afford a new Yamaha or Yanagisawa. I play an older Jupiter 547 now, and would kind of like to stay with what's familiar as far as ergonimics go. Any feedback would be most appreciated.
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I play a 947 Artist series and love it. It is the best soprano I've played. I had a Mk VI soprano for 6 months and borrowed a Yamaha 62 for 3 months (which I did like a lot compared to the Mk VI). However, the the Jupiter 947 is a great soprano IMHO. I never feel the Jupiter is holding me back in any way. Merlin, is on SOTW and is a jupiter artist. You should send him a PM about the Jupiter artist sopranos. The Jupiters sound great, the ergos are wonderful, intonation is very good and I've had no issues with mine in two years.
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