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Anybody played a Stepanhouser

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I'm sure I misspelled the name but Jim at Scimonetti's is selling them. Calls them the new Cannonball/P Mauriets. K
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Yes. I gave it a quick blow the last time I was at Scimonettis. It was okay . . . nothing that tripped my trigger, but it was . . . okay. Jim showed me some trick build-issues like - the rods didn't have screws in them. Instead, one applies pressure to the ends with a paper-clip (or similar SMALL pointy object) to release the tension on the rods - and they come out.

I was not in the market for an alto, so my conclusions may have been biased. Admittedly, I have come across some new horns that, when a dealer showed them to me, I was impressed, but this one - ?

I'm sure some one will like it. I'm NOT bad-mouthing it, just telling you how I reacted. DAVE
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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