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Anybody played a Stepanhouser

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I'm sure I misspelled the name but Jim at Scimonetti's is selling them. Calls them the new Cannonball/P Mauriets. K
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Shawn Wallace..the sax professor at OSU plays one. He really praised the horn and said it was great. At a music conference I was playing at, Stephanhouser had a booth with 4 horns. Two examples each of their intermediate and professional horns. I didn't even both with the intermediate and went straight to professional.

I gave it a blow and...uhm. Maybe it wasn't set up well but after about 5 minutes I could tell I could not get along with this horn. I have played a few different P. Mauriat alto's at junkdude and LOVED the sound on them and their ease of playing. I hated the way they look and thought they felt cheap.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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